Repairs, Refurbishment and Modifications

Repairs, Refurbishment and Modifications

Cryeng Group appreciate the image our customers need to uphold in the market with refreshing assets.

All of our manufacturing locations have skilled and experienced technicians to revitalise, repair, preserve and helium leak test any Cryogenic equipment. Cryogenic ISO Containers, Road Tankers, Vacuum Insulated Pressure Vessels and Vacuum Insulated/Jacketed Piping to mention a few.

Our in house team of engineers will modify existing equipment to suit your new project needs.

With proven manufacturing practices, ASNT level 2 certified helium leak test technicians, your repair will be conducted by a specialized team for accurate vacuum evacuation and importantly vacuum retention.

ISO Container Before RepairISO Container Before Repair     ISO Container After RepairISO Container After Repair

Our Australian and Thailand facilities are both ASME "R" approved workshops and will not compromise your ASME certification stamps of transportable or stationary cryogenic vessels when repairs are undertaken.

Your assets will perform and look just like the day they were manufactured.

Cryeng Group offer;

  • On site Sand/Shot blast and preservation/painting facilities
  • Re-Evacuation of Cryogenic transport / storage tanks with capacities up to 500,000 litre
  • Helium leak detection, repairs of inner vessel and outer jackets of Cryogenic transport / storage equipment
  • Replacement / recertification of relief valves, cryogenic globe valves, ball valves, pressure and differential pressure contents gauges

To speak to one of our experts about the repair, refurbishment and modification services we can offer to meet your specific requirements please Contact Us

Before After
 Road Tanker Before RepairRoad Tanker Before Repair          Road Tanker After RepairRoad Tanker After Repair

Road Tanker Before RefurbishmentRoad Tanker Before Refurbishment           Road Tanker After RefurbishmentRoad Tanker After Refurbishment

ISO Container Before RefurbishmentISO Container Before Refurbishment    ISO Container After RefurbishmentISO Container After Refurbishment