Cryeng Group offers a range of vaporizers to satisfy customers' requirement. The range includes Pressure Building Coil (PBC) applications and Ambient Air Vaporizer (AAV) with/without forced convection.

The AAV are designed and manufactured according to ASME-U B31.1 or B31.3 built in our Cryeng facilities for Industrial gas industry. These vaporizers are designed to boil and super heat gas known as "regasification" from Liquefied gas;

i.e. LNG from -177.5oC to 15oC. Two banks of alternating 8-hr cycle AAV clusters are provided for continuous regasification of LNG at a constant rate of 20mmsfd at 40 barg. Each bank consists of 8 aluminium (grade 6061) AAV units/columns, designed to B31.3 or AS4041. Each unit measures approx. 2.4 x 2.4 x 8m high but is subject to change. Automatic control systems are provided to monitor the vaporizer performance and alternate AAV units and/or banks between defrosting mode and operating mode after each 8-hr cycle or at different intervals to better suit local ambient conditions during operation.

Cryeng Also manufacture pressure build coils (PBC) installed on cryogenic storage tanks (LIN, LOX, LAR, LNG, etc.), ISO tanks and road tankers. They are designed to build pressure during decant or can be vaporised to cover peaks in demand and in array of serial or parallel coil arrangements.

Ambinet Air Vaporiser (AAV)Ambinet Air Vaporiser (AAV)

Vapouriser Package of Regasification PlantVapouriser Package of Regasification Plant

The gas send-out temperature is controlled to be not less than -25oC at the AAV outlet manifolds to reduce plant capital cost. The gas will warm up to ambient temperatures during the pipeline transmission to Power Plant.

Ambient Air Vaporizers (AAV) with forced convection for continuous operation. This option is equipped with either air fans or water spray headers on top of AAV and side covers to confine water within the AAV assembly. It provides much greater heat transfer to the AAV (forced convection) than the ambient air alone (natural convection) thereby increasing heat input to LNG for regasification. This option does not require defrosting mode and only One Bank of standard AAV will suffice. Typically, seawater is used as a free source of water and discharged back to the sea (open loop), however, any townwater can be used and recycled (closed loop) at a rate of approximately 2000LPM.

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